What Is a GeoDataCube?

What Is a GeoDataCube?

Unified Data

A GeoDataCube merges several geospatial files into a topological structure, called a partition, that unifies these data elements together allowing for real-time analysis across multiple input data sources. Over 250 input formats are supported.

Effective Framework

The mathematical framework underlying GeoDataCube generalizes exceptionally well and can be used to compute highly complex spatial relationships between input elements and any geometric combination of input elements in real-time.

Chief Scientist Insight

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Paper Crane’s Geospatial Intelligence Technology Has Been Recognized by:

Transforming Spatial Data

The GeoDataCube’s patent-pending partitioning and recursive subdivision algorithm transforms spatial data into a clear mathematical representation.

Automated Machine Learning

Enables real-time spatial data exploration, analysis, automated machine learning, and automated deep learning on heterogeneous sets of geospatial data.

Make Your Geospatial Data AI-Ready

Analyze 10X the data in 1/100th the time.

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