Sample Real Estate Site Selection Analysis for Retail Supplies Company

Real Estate Site Selection

Retail Performance Analysis

Paper Crane conducted an analysis of the complex external factors impacting the performance of a retail client’s locations, examining the primary predictors of store performance across a range of store segmentations.

Predictive Models for Real Estate Site Selection

Developing Predictive Models

Paper Crane also developed and evaluated predictive models of store performance, and assessed the overall potential for integrating an automated AI powered site evaluation and selection engine.

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Paper Crane’s Geospatial Intelligence Technology Has Been Recognized by:

Data Unification

Paper Crane’s platform unifies a virtually unlimited number of disparate structured and unstructured location-tagged data sets, and optimizes these data for geospatial analysis. For our retail client, we then extracted attributes and inter-feature spatial relationships for automated AI-assisted analytics.

Spatial Structure

Paper Crane’s analysis for our retail client included the spatial structure of regional land-use, demographic variables, and POI locations across a large range of categories (i.e. competitors, co-factor businesses, community structure proxies such as schools and police stations, etc.).

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