Real Estate Valuation Modeling

Real Estate Valuation Modeling

Overcome Cost Limitations

The inherent complications and technological limitations in collecting, storing, and analyzing map-based data has limited its application to organizations with large budgets.

Unlock New Opportunities

Unlock New Opportunities

Paper Crane’s geospatial analysis software, when applied to residential real estate, can significantly and cost-effectively improve the accuracy of automated valuation models in real-time.

Improve Real Estate Valuation Accuracy

Improve Valuation Accuracy

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Opening New Doors for Real-Estate Investors

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Paper Crane’s Geospatial Intelligence Technology Has Been Recognized by:

Paradigm Shift in Accessibility

As communication networks, computational power and data storage has become exponentially more accessible, the collection of time and place data has exponentially increased.

Overcoming the Technology Gap

Capitalizing on the explosion of new data has proven elusive to many organizations. Paper Crane offers an opportunity to close this technology gap, and identify underpriced real-estate assets.

Learn How We Help You Improve Valuation Model Accuracy

Our new predictive technology empowers you to achieve more accurate valuations.

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