Unify your organization’s datasets and attach new, high-value data records. Explain past results and optimize your organization’s future growth.

Rapid Deep Analysis

Enterprise SaaS solution that curates data, removes overhead and deepens analysis. No other solutions empower enterprises to do rapid & deep analysis with diverse, curated data. 

High-Value Data

The data architecture, when used with our automated machine learning and imagery deep learning, has enabled Paper Crane to become a catalyst to creative high-value data development and has increased the descriptive and predictive power of our customers’ data. Our platform provides customers with access to exponentially more data  with flexible usage rights.

Strategic ANALYSIS

Data Citizens within our client companies use our automated AI/ML tools to conduct strategic analyses with the data we curate, in conjunction with their proprietary data, & to put these insights into operational use at low expense overhead.

Enablement Tools

While there exists plenty of sources of location data, there is an absence of tools to make those data accessible, fill in data gaps, identify and fix data quality problems, and apply these data in descriptive and predictive analytics.

Ways to Engage

License Location Data

Contact to discuss our data library. Available via transactional services.


Web-based software for data scientists, data analysts and GIS users.

Developer Tools

Soon available via APIs and the AWS marketplace.

Enterprise Deployment

Our data experts solve vexing business problems on your behalf.

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