Industry Solutions

Unlock the Power of Geospatial Analysis

Empower your company’s decision makers, data scientists and analysts to fuel industry-changing results.


Create the Perfect Risk Models

  • Adjust risk models for changing claim patterns 
  • Access and incorporate 1000’s of location-based data elements to improve model predictions
  • Rapidly iterate and access new models in minutes rather than hours or days
  • Source new data for model prefill

Real Estate

Find the Perfect Location or Property

  • Use Crane AI to objectively inform where to site new locations for tenancy, purchase or development
  • Understand the “why” behind the performance of existing locations
  • Incorporate 1000’s of location-based data elements to power data-driven site decisions

Property Tax (coming soon!)

Minimize Tax Liability

  • Execute automated valuations that are explainable, defensible, actionable and tailored for property tax appeals
  • Leverage AI and predictive models to strategically select sites based on tax implications
  • Incorporate regional uniformity, individual property characteristics, and satellite imagery to accurately quantify tax valuation


Real Estate Appraisal


Essential Tool for GEOINT and Planning

  • Use Geodatacubes to perform data-fusion and automated spatial relationship analysis across 100s of disparate mission-relevant layers
  • Maximize data-driven decision making in municipal planning to understand the location dependent factors contributing to demographic changes, crime, fire, traffic accidents, etc.
  • Achieve maximum situational awareness in any AOI using unified data as the single source of truth
  • Tap into Crane AI to determine optimal locations for asset placement, predict impacts from natural disasters, identify features in imagery, and quantify risk exposure
  • Discover targeted changes in the mission environment using Paper Crane precision Change Detection

Government Industry

Digital Advertising

Better Advertising Targeting with Satellite Imagery-Based Location Data

  • Use satellite imagery and geo-location derived data to power data-driven programmatic 1-1 digital advertising segmentation and targeting decisions
  • Segment consumers for ‘out of house’ type products and services at the household level or via mobile phones
  • Our location informed segmentation data API works with any programmatic advertising DSP

Digital Marketing Industry

Geospatial Analysis that Moves as Fast as Your Ideas

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