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Take the cost and complexity out of geospatial analysis. Unify your data, engineer features, and prepare to build models 10x faster.

Paper Crane Geospatial Intelligence Platform

Powered by GeoDataCubes™

Paper Crane is a cloud-based analytics platform that unifies geospatial data, performs comprehensive spatial feature engineering, and leverages AI to help you improve your models, uncover new insights and make better decisions. Explore our high-performance location analysis products below.

Crane Analytics
Crane Modeling
Crane API
Crane Unification
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Crane Detection

Crane Unify

Geospatial Data Unification and Feature Engineering Module

Unify disparate data, geocode implicit spatial data, extract spatial relationships, and exponentially increase the features available in your analysis while making your data ‘spatially enabled’.

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Crane Analytics

Geospatial Data Analytics Engine

Increase the power of your data using an analytics engine purpose-built for geospatial data exploration and insight discovery.

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Crane Modeling

powered by CraneAI™
Geospatial Data Modeling Engine
Use automated machine learning and deep learning to discover new predictors, build deployable models, and conduct strategic analyses.

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Crane API

Geospatial Data Science as a Service API

Provide your developers with API access to all the data and functions to create Paper Crane – powered analysis and applications.

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Crane Detection

Geospatial Change Detection Module

Detect changes in imagery and data to identify alteration. Improved accuracy and isolation of targeted change.

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