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Our Vision

The Future of Geospatial Data Science is Here

Reinventing Location Data

Paper Crane is reinventing geospatial-native data analytics, data integration, and data enrichment. We see a future where every piece of data in the world that is associated with a geolocation interfaces with our platform for faster, more scalable decision-making.

Easy. Powerful.

Based on a novel data unification and augmentation framework, our cloud-based platform is constantly evolving to deliver best-in-class spatial data solutions wrapped into an easy-to-use yet powerful product suite.

Driving Innovation Across Industries

We are bringing this next generation of geospatial intelligence to industries such as real estate, insurance, agriculture, defense, retail, and advertising to drive innovation and enable new businesses services that were not previously possible.

Powered by AI.

Location-based geointelligence powered by AI will change everything. The GIS and geospatial industry will never be the same.

Our Platform

Next-Generation Geospatial Data Science Platform

Refreshingly Different and Incredibly Powerful

The foundation of Paper Crane platform is the unique patent-pending recursive subdivision algorithm and storage architecture that forms the geodatacube.  Powered by this game-changing core technology and bolstered by the computational and storage capacity of the cloud, the Paper Crane platform is rapidly evolving to provide a suite of best-in-class spatial data science and predictive modelling modules.

Modular and Flexible

Designed to fit into your workflow. Start with our core spatial data unification and augmentation module. Following data unification, you may choose to keep your data within the Paper Crane Platform ecosystem for additional analysis, or you may decide to export your AI-ready data into the downstream system of your preference.  Interact with Paper Crane through our streamlined GUIs or directly through our APIs.

Geospatial Datasets in 1/100th the Time

In an industry such as Insurance, Paper Crane’s software generates highly detailed and proprietary predictive models that will save insurance companies millions annually based on better risk-adjusted policy and pricing decisions.

Additionally, because Paper Crane’s software can amalgamate messy location and geospatial datasets in 1% of the data scientist’s time, it enables data scientists to focus on modeling enhancements and reduces an insurance company’s operating costs.

Why Paper Crane


  • Ingest and Unify disparate data sets using the power of GeoDataCubes™
  • Manage your geospatial data with ease
  • Designed with Feature Engineering built-in
  • Model using automated machine learning

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Make Better Decisions

  • Build your models 50x faster
  • Discover new data-driven insights with powerful analytics
  • Leverage new data sources that were previously too difficult to use
  • Extend existing models with 100s of new data sources
  • Predict outcomes by exploiting spatial relationships and statistics using CraneAI

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  • Develop new models that were not previously possible
  • Invent new products and businesses
  • Launch new risk management services

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Our Story

The Paper Crane journey began in 2018 when the co-founders recognized the immense potential for spatial data science to transform industry and government decisions but were continually frustrated by the inefficiency and inability of existing software tools to perform in this arena. Realizing that the core limitation was fundamental to the internal data structure used in existing GIS systems, the founders set off to build the first ever geo-data storage structure that is purpose-built for streamlined spatial feature engineering and AI analysis across massive amounts of complex geospatial data. This resulted in the pivotal invention of the Paper Crane GeoDataCube.

We have now grown into a team of tech innovators, geospatial nerds, and industry experts all focused on the central mission of harnessing the immense power of spatial data science to drive informed decisions and affect positive change.

Our Team

David Berthiaume

David Berthiaume Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Sean Mackay

Sean Mackay, PhD VP Product Management & Development

Jason Runcie

Jason Runcie Senior Engineer

Kyle Beatty

Kyle Beatty Co-Founder & Advisor

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