Crane Analytics

Powerful Geospatial Data Analytics Engine

Increase the power of your data using an analytics engine purpose-built for spatial data exploration and insight discovery.

Explore and Analyze Data with Ease

  • Instant access to all spatially overlapping variables and variable aggregates at any spatial feature level or scale.
  • Analyze spatial and non-spatial relationships across 100s of data layers simultaneously.
  • Explore data with flexible multi-feature filtering.

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Discover and visualize hidden data relationships

  • Perform automated variable importance analysis across 1000’s of variables to uncover top predictors of any dependent variable.
  • Easily quantify correlations, inter-feature relationships, and distributions.
  • Visualize patterns and structure buried in the data.

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Build custom features and create new variables with ease.

  • Leverage Paper Crane’s real-time custom feature engineering and variable creation capability to build proprietary variables with ease.
  • Create new spatial features with Paper Crane’s spatial refactoring and spatial group creation engine.

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Powerful User Interface for Advanced Analysis

Use Cases


Explore and analyze spatial data with ease


Discover and visualize hidden data relationships


Build custom features and create new variables with ease

Crane Analytics: Explore and Analyze 10X the Data in 1/100th the Time

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Delivery Options

License Location Data

Contact to discuss our data library. Available via transactional services.


Web-based software for data scientists, data analysts and GIS users.


Available via API and the AWS marketplace.

Enterprise Development

Our data experts solve vexing business problems on your behalf.