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Is Your Data AI-Ready?

Is your messy geospatial data “AI-ready”? Today, data scientists are incorporating machine learning and deep learning into their modeling and predictive analysis mix and often this incorporates spatial data. But AI doesn’t work effectively if you have messy geo-location data.


Further complicating the quality of your data analysis are factors such as if your data is distributed across multiple layers and formats, and has not undergone appropriate feature engineering to exploit the rich information hidden behind spatial relationships.

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Take our software for a spin with a free geospatial data unification test. Take 8-10 modeling datasets and combine them with our own geolocation data (450+ data elements) and integrate them into one unified modeling data set enriched with spatial relationships and other features.

30 Day Free Trial of Paper Crane Geospatial UAT Software

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Paper Crane unifies geospatial data and automates AI analysis to help you improve your models, uncover new insights and make better decisions.

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