Crane API

Tap the Power of Crane Analytics

Developers can leverage our elegant APIs to access data and build custom solutions that fit with their existing workflows.

Access our data and feature stack via scripting and APIs

  • Bypass our UI and leverage the platform functionality directly using our Paper Crane APIs.
  • Use our full-featured scripting language to perform repetitive tasks and automate processing workflows.

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Rapid access to location data for any point, address, or polygon

  • Access your processed data hosted on the Paper Crane Platform, through the convenience of a simple API call.
  • Extract data via point, polygon, or street address (automatic precision geocoding included).
  • For any USA street addresses, use the API to retrieve over 700 high value location-related attributes already derived by Paper Crane. Variables include hundreds of site characteristics, local environmental characteristics, proximities to other features, community data, local topographic and climate variables, and much more.

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Leverage powerful targeted geodata processing via RESTful web services

  • Data unification services accept any number of spatial and non-spatial datasets and return flattened tabular unified data with relevant spatial feature engineering aggregated to the user-specified feature geometries.
  • Variable importance services discover the primary predictors of any target dependent variable.

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Powerful User Interface

Use Cases


Access the Paper Crane feature stack via our SDK and API

REST Services

Leverage powerful geodata processing via RESTful web services


Build Machine Learning models using spatial data via API

Address Access

Access high-value location data and variables for any address in the USA

Crane API: Access Data and Build Custom Solutions That Fit with Your Existing Workflows

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