We are inventors committed to transforming how location data is used within every organization.

Paper Crane is a new disruptor that helps bridge the digitized consumer world to the physical world. Harnessing the power of “location”, our platform has the most advanced, automated machine learning and satellite imagery processing tools on the market. Our proprietary database structure joins analytical tools with direct access to geo & weather data enabling real-time spatial analytics (patent pending). CIOs, data scientists, and business analysts use our cloud-based enterprise software platform (SaaS) to originate high-value location data, derive insights quickly, and to operationally deploy services in near real time.  The value of the analytical insight per data FTE is increased by >1000x.

What we Believe

Shift in Demand

We believe demand is shifting from licensing the “golden record” of data from aggregators to licensing software that analyzes large volumes of public, third party and proprietary data to explain business outcomes.

Internal Datasets

We believe organizations’ internal datasets are their most valuable asset. Organizations should be empowered to create proprietary perspectives by applying the latest artificial intelligence methods to their internal data. These perspectives should be theirs alone to use.

Profit and Purpose

Data Analytics may generate positive business outcome, but they should also serve. We actively contribute to organizations that serve populations in need around the world.

Flexible Data Usage

We believe organizations demand more flexible data usage rights and, in exchange, will contribute datasets to Paper Crane’s user community.

Science and Discovery

We are committed to learning from and contributing to the academic community. First and foremost, we are explorers at heart.

The Faces Behind the Success

Core Team

Sean Mackay, PhD

VP Product Management & Development

Alan Osetek


Jason Runcie

Senior Engineer

David Berthiaume

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Kyle Beatty


Bill Zujewski

Acting CMO 

Advisory Board

LakShan DeSilva

Advisor/Data Analytics


Nidhi Aggarwal

Advisor/Cloud Strategy


Tom Dretler

CEO of Shorelight

Advisor/Corporate Culture


David Campbell

Advisor/Social Impact


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