The Future of Geospatial Data Science

Making Geospatial Data AI Ready

Paper Crane is disrupting the GIS industry and drastically accelerating spatial data science workflows with a next generation platform that automates data unification, feature engineering, and data analysis to produce results in a fraction of the amount of time required by traditional tools.

Paper Crane

Geospatial Intelligence Platform
powered by GeoDataCubes™

A cloud-based spatial analytics platform that unifies geospatial data and advances the  automation of AI analysis to improve models, uncover new insights, and make data-driven decisions.

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Crane Unify

Geospatial Data Unification Module

Unify disparate data, extract spatial information, engineer inter-feature spatial relationships and incorporate Paper Crane data to exponentially increase the features available in your analysis.

Crane Analytics

Geospatial Data Analytics Engine

Increase the power of your data using an analytics engine for purpose-built data exploration and insight discovery.

Crane API

Geospatial Data Science as a Service API

Provide your developers with API access to all the data and functions to create Paper Crane-powered analysis and applications.

Crane Detection

Geospatial Change Detection Module

Detect changes in imagery and data to identify alteration. Improved accuracy and isolation of targeted change.

Crane Modeling

powered by CraneAI™ Geospatial Data Modeling Engine

Use automated machine learning and deep learning to discover new predictors, build deployable models, and conduct strategic analyses.


  • Ingest and Unify disparate data sets using the power of GeoDataCubes™
  • Manage your geospatial data with ease
  • Designed with Feature Engineering built-in
  • Model using automated machine learning

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Make Better Decisions

  • Build your models 50x faster
  • Discover new data-driven insights with powerful analytics
  • Leverage new data sources that were previously too difficult to use
  • Extend existing models with 100s of new data sources
  • Predict outcomes by exploiting spatial relationships and statistics using CraneAI

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  • Develop new models that were not previously possible
  • Invent new products and businesses
  • Launch new risk management services

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Making Your Geospatial Data AI Ready

  • Designed for AI-powered Predictive Modeling
    Optimize your datasets for improved predictions using machine learning and deep learning.
  • Patent-pending Data Partitioning and Processing
    Transform spatial data into an advanced topological representation to drastically accelerate spatial calculations and other operations using real-time linear aggregates.
  • Flexible Framework for Unifying Data
    Take the complexity and data wrangling out of geospatial unification and integrate spatial and non-spatial data.

Converting Pixels and Polygons to Actionable Insights in Minutes

  • Automated Machine Learning & Deep Learning
    Unparalleled combination of patent-pending GeoDataCube architecture, extreme degree of automation, and specialized ML and DL pipelines tuned to the geospatial domain.
  • Applicable To All Industries
    Apply AI in insurance, real estate, agriculture, government, retail, and digital marketing.

Markets We Serve


Create the perfect risk models

  • Discover novel predictors
  • Source new data and mine features to maximize insights
  • Implement new underwriting rules
  • Identify new product offerings

Real Estate

Find the perfect location

  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Take the cost and complexity out of site selection
  • Understand the “why” behind location performance

Democratizing Geospatial Data

We are reinventing geospatial-native data analytics, data integration, and data enrichment.

Data Scientists

Tap new data sources and powerful analytics engine


Explore new richer data to uncover new insights

Product Owners

Gain insights via easy to use business tools and dashboards